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Our Management Team


Tim Adams


Chief Executive Officer

Tim Adams is the Chief Executive Officer at Hi Advance Staffing Solution. He holds his master's degree in computer science and is an essential part of management team. He has more than 29 years of experience in consulting and managing; he has handled many huge projects and proved himself as one of the most potential business leaders in the corporate world.



Ryan Blake


Chief Technical Officer

Ryan Blake is the Chief Technical Officer at Hi Advance Staffing Solution. In this role, he is focused on the development and execution of the next phase of company's corporate strategy. With 17 years of experience, he has strong leadership skills which make him perfect fit for the role. In his long corporate journey, he has worked for many start-ups and big reputed brands and gave his contribution to make them the most successful companies.



Sandra Simpson


Chief Marketing Officer

Sandra Simpson is the Chief Marketing Officer at Hi Advance Staffing Solution. She holds her master's and bachelor's degree in Marketing and communication and is very proactive towards her work. She is leading the global marketing function to further strengthen the company's marketing strategy and brand awareness. She is also handling tasks which are responsible to market and promote the company and increase its brand awareness.



Josh Baylin


Chief Financial Officer

Josh Baylin is the Chief Financial Officer at Hi Advance Staffing Solutions. He is responsible for Finance and Accounting Section, and also leads Hi Advance Staffing Solution's consulting and risk advisory services. He is having his Master's degree in Finance and has almost 18 years of experience in managing and handling financial activities and has a vast knowledge in the same field.