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Our aggressive staffing, workforce, HR solutions excel in Healthcare, IT, Hospitality, Industrial, Finance & Accounting and Office professionals using our high-tech technology, wide network, and 360*talent on-demand approach.

Hi-Advance is an all-around staffing solution designed especially for the U.S life-saving industry. There is no scope for error when it comes to medical industry.

Finance & Accounting staffing solutions provide experienced and accomplished professionals for empowering your business and reduce bottom line errors.

Our Office staffing professionals work on the principle of personal rapport to connect with candidates and work to develop their potential.

Our Recruitment team focuses on behavioural aspects and personality attributes and selects the best staff for your need in minimum time.

Hi-Advance Industrial Staffing Services encourages digitalization, innovation, and automation for increasing efficiency and market value of your business.

Our recruit team provides you with skilled and trusted tech partners that have the capacity to get your business to the next level.

Our Business

Hi-Advance Staffing is a leading firm in providing staffing and employment solutions across U.S. which was started in 2012. Since then, we have created a place for ourselves in the U.S. market with our 360* talent on-demand solutions and comprehensive commercial and professional staffing services.

Our Hi-Advance 360*talent on-demand approach makes us stand out
  • Using high-tech advanced technology, trends, and portals
  • Using highly specified and widely updated database
  • Having the most experienced and professional recruiting team
  • Working with integration, honesty, and passion
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